Seekify's analytical solution empowers your managers with insights into areas that need improvement and train support teams to be CX Superhumans.

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We help you answer the simple yet 

mind-boggling questions

Who to Train

What to Train

How to Train

Instantly identify agents that are lagging behind on their metrics and train them to be more customer centric. Know more about teams that need an extra push to attain goals. 

Get insights into an agent's areas of improvement and performance highlights. Auto assign training modules or assign a coach based on focus areas 

Access our massive online preloaded content library and assign relevant content to agents. Or, simply import your KB and build customizable training modules

Don't just skim through a plethora of data points! Look at numbers that matter and make sense. Bridge the gaps between actionable insights, training and customer experience.

Analyse Insights on goal attainment

Rectify through training and coaching

Identify focus areas and highlights

Deliver Results!

Analyse. Identify. Rectify. Deliver

Get in-depth insights on agent and team-level performance. Understand how well your CX team is able to achieve its goals. 

View performance highlights and areas that need improvement based on goals and metrics. Know where your agents are lacking and make them job-ready. 

Act upon focus areas by auto assigning training modules whenever an agent's performance falls below the mark. You can also assign a coach who can guide the agent to perform better. 

Finally, enable your customer support to be superhumans by delivering exceptional customer experience. 

Keep an eagle's eye view on your team's performance through an all in one dashboard. Browse through our vast content library and auto-trigger relevant content to agents. 

Empower your agents with the ability to self assess their performance and upgrade their skills through training content. Create views within your helpdesk to give them insight into their metrics, goals, focus areas and performance highlights. 

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Deliver better CX with performance led training

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