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Anytime, Anywhere Learning In Easy Clicks 

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Transform Your Team Into Superheroes! 

Automate learning and make it tangible through detailed reports on individual and team level performances

Robust Reporting

Simplify Onboarding

Auto-Sync Your Team

Onboard new team members to get them in sync with your SOPs and culture effortlessly

Automatically import your team members from CRM

Track individual & team progress with ease

Enable. Empower. Enhance.

Integrate Seekify easily & make training available for learners right where they are without switching screens

In The Workflow

Pre Loaded Learning Content

Content that is industry benchmarked readily available from day one

Preloaded Learning Content

No more navigation to other tabs, avail learning in the flow of work

Build Smarter Teams

Create and assign content that matters to your teams and upskills them to deliver outstanding results consistently.  

Scheduled Learning

Curate Engaging Content

Skill Mapping

Upgrade Learner Skills
Consistent Learning Experience

Intuitive content builder that supports text, images and videos for your flexible needs 

Map and update learner skills based on assessment scores 

Assign & schedule courses with defined timelines for continuous learning

Track Learning Progress of Team
Create Learning and Training Content
Simplify Onboarding
Add Users Seamlessly
Learning and Training Platform

Enable. Empower. Enhance.

Enable. Empower. Enhance.

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