Seekify helps your support agents to stay ahead of the curve with real-time and contextual training at the time when they need it the most

Empower your customer support agents with contextual training for a better CX

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Finding the perfect solution to a problem at the right time is the need of the hour, especially for a customer-facing agent who can bring the change in your customer’s perception of your brand. This is where Contextual Learning can help your team climb the CX ladder with the right knowledge. 

How contextual training can turn any agent into the best go-to-person for your customers?

Revolutionize Organization's Learning Culture

Just-In-Time Training

Knowledge That Sticks Forever

Get knowledge your agents need at a single place to wow your customers

"By embedding instructions in familiar contexts, learners are more likely to learn"

-Nikos Andriotis, Learning Evangelist (

Uncovering The Perfect Solution

Be More Efficient

Contextual training for support agents can be a perfect mate to enable any agent to come up with a spot-on solution at the right time. Access the preloaded contextual content library that has everything to turn agents into Customer champions. Learn fast and learn right!

Make your team ready to answer everything that your customers worry about. Train your customer-facing team with the CX-focused knowledge they need. Evaluate performance across teams to build a customer-centric ecosystem.

Contextual training goes real-time as your agents will get the prompt solution for every situation to handle customer issues faster.

Empower your customer support by providing them with the lifelong knowledge that helps in turning every agent into a contributor in organizational-wide CX goals.

Few of the many ways we can help you

Onboarding Training

Quality  Evaluations

KPI Intelligence

Performance Led Training

Teams get better with contextual training they need to wow your customers


Learn In The Flow Of Work

Our Platform can be integrated with CRM to help your agents with the content they need while working on the support tickets.